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Why do we do the way we do?? Children need wholesome encounters with nature and opportunities to learn not just with their minds but also their souls and bodies. That is when learning will become knowledge.


Some of the Children workshops are detailed below:

Handwork for age up to 4 years to 99 years:

Every Saturday Children (also adults) are welcome to learn handwork which may include Finger Knitting, Knitting, Crochet, embroidery etc. Please get in touch on Whatsapp to know more


Festival Celebration for age up to 6years:

Every Saturday or alternate Saturday, we have been celebrating the festivals the Bodhi way. This is a 'Jhalak' of what is happening inside the classroom. For age up to 4 years parents are also invited. Whatsapp to connect with us for more details


Table and Rhythmical Times:

Numbers make fun and fascinating patterns as we create the times' tables. This program will help students gain confidence as the whole body is included in the learning of the table instead of the only head. This is a year-long program conducted every Saturday for age 7 years to 10 years.


Grammar Detectives:

Solve Grammer mysteries the Bodhi ways we unreveal the story of Ramayana - Find out about Nouns, Adjectives and verbs through songs and drama and practice. Let nuances of language work their magic as they reveal themselves to you.


Register on WhatsApp 8692900016


about bodhi vidyalaya

Bodhi Vidyalaya, a first of its kind located in the heart of suburban Mulund, is a space where children are provided a wholesome and balanced education rooted in values that not only preserve the cultural fabric of our diverse society but also involves a spiritual evolution of the self. Here, children use their head, heart and hands as tools for learning. Bodhi integrates the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo to ensure that learning remains an organic process.

Address: C/O Rajiv Gandhi School, Devidayal Rd, Mulund West, Maharashtra 400080


Phone: 086929 00016

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