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11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Start
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Simple Parenting .. slow parenting.. slow down in this competitive world.

Parenting can be a daunting experience and intimidate and overwhelm even the best of us. Knowing that we are not alone in this journey, hearing others experiences, expert perspectives can make our task easier...


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Fine Motor Skills:

Fine Motor Skills helps in subtle thinking. This workshop will answer questions like.. Do we need special toys to develop fine motor skills? By what age fine motor skill is fully developed?? Does fine motor skill develop by itself??


Engaging The Child:

This will help and sort one of the burning questions in today's time for a parent. How do I engage my Child? And other questions like will doing exciting activities with children improve bonding? Should the child's schedule be filled for the whole day? Are extra-curricular activities equal to a child's well being or assist in all-round development?


Toys & Child:

Every house is today filled with big baskets full of toys, barbi doll and much more But What stirs creativity - fullness or vacuum? So which are good toys to enhance creativity? How many toys are enough? What growth needs does toy satisfy?


Story Telling:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” - Einstein


This workshop will cover the questions like.. Does the story have a healing element? Should a story be narrated with loud gestures and voice modulation or with monotonous voice? Should stories have moral? Should moral be voiced separately?


Other Topics Of Talk For Parents:

Importance of Sleep


Boredom is Good

Open-ended Toys

How to communicate with children

Why celebrate the festival

Importance of mother tongue



about bodhi vidyalaya

Bodhi Vidyalaya, a first of its kind located in the heart of suburban Mulund, is a space where children are provided a wholesome and balanced education rooted in values that not only preserve the cultural fabric of our diverse society but also involves a spiritual evolution of the self. Here, children use their head, heart and hands as tools for learning. Bodhi integrates the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo to ensure that learning remains an organic process.

Address: C/O Rajiv Gandhi School, Devidayal Rd, Mulund West, Maharashtra 400080


Phone: 086929 00016

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