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Don't miss our events
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Know Your Child
Sat, 10-11 AM
Join WhatsApp Group. We invite you to the reading sessions on Saturdays. Anybody interested in child development can join. We read books and articles by various philosophers and thinkers in the
Peep into Bodhi
Sun, 3 - 6 PM
Register on WhatsApp 8692900016 Go To Calendar     Explore how a child learns and why a child learns that way! An insight into school in an experiential way. Orientation will give you an
Recover Childhood
3rd Sat, 11-12.30 PM
Register on WhatsApp 8692900016   Go To Calendar Simple Parenting .. slow parenting.. slow down in this competitive world. Parenting can be a daunting experience and intimidate and overwhelm
Hands at Work
Sat, 11-12:30 PM
Register on WhatsApp 8692900016 Go To Calendar To know why do we do the way we do?? Children need wholesome encounters with nature and opportunities to learn not just with their minds but also
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Tools Of Learning

At Bodhi
At Bodhi
  • Handwork

    Handwork includes yarn or thread work, clay modelling and woodwork. It involves learning...

  • Form Drawing

    Bodhi works with one of the most important tools of Waldorf education which is Form drawing.....

  • Movement

    It emphasizes on outer as well as inner movements of the child. Outer movement revolves....

  • Block Play

    Blocks of wood, unfinished and plain, are made available to children during free play. The world of imagination....

  • Music

    It is the language of the soul. It communicates with the inner self of the child.....

  • Storytelling

    Storytelling is an extremely important medium of delivering any concept in any subject in a Waldorf education philosophy....

Our Teachers

Are Children's Inspiration
Are Children's Inspiration

Mital Thakker, Grades Guruji

Leader, Visionary and Innovative

The co-captain of the ship, Mital guides all the teachers at Bodhi as well as teaches in grade class...

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Bijal Singh, Grades Guruji

Determined, Practical and Assertive

A chartered accountant by qualification, she worked in the best of corporates and yet felt something missing...

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Sonal Mehta, Sanskrit

Passionate, Creative and Rooted

Sanskrit, the ancient language is so firmly rooted in our Indian culture that falling in love with the language was...

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Sheetal Mhoprekar, Gymnastics

Sporty, Lively and Agile

Sheetal loves movement. Twice a gold medalist at intercollegiate contests in Yoga, performs Yoga...

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What parents say about us
What parents say about us

  My experience with the school is really joyful. In a conventional school, a child has a lot of stress about studying, reading and writing. However, at Bodhi Vidyalaya, my child is free from all the stress.  My experience is that here kids are taught peacefully and freely due to which learning comes naturally to them without burden or stress. Most importantly, at the end of the day I have a happy child.
Harshita Shah
Parshvi’s Mother, Kindergarten
Harshita Shah
  In just two months, I noticed so many changes in him. He makes stories on his own now and likes to tell them to me, we have long conversations with each other. I can see him so much more confident. I was specially touched when I went to school and saw him playing in the rain, sailing boats they had made in the water. The Gurujis were laughing and joining in the play. The Guru-shishya bond evident in their play and smiles. Thank you Bodhi Vidyalaya for giving my child what he needed the most. 
Himanshu Vinchhi
Vihaan's Father (Grade 1)
Himanshu Vinchhi
  There has not been a single day so far that my daughter has wanted to skip school and even when she is unwell she wants to go! Her education includes not just academics but also life skills. Bodhi is like a second home to her. The approach to education is experiential and hands on. It does not stuff the child with information instead it makes learning filled with wonder, sometimes magic even. To tell you the truth, I would love to become little again just to have these experiences.
Siddhguru Juvekar
Ira’s Father (Grade 1)
Siddhguru Juvekar



about bodhi vidyalaya

Bodhi Vidyalaya, a first of its kind located in the heart of suburban Mulund, is a space where children are provided a wholesome and balanced education rooted in values that not only preserve the cultural fabric of our diverse society but also involves a spiritual evolution of the self. Here, children use their head, heart and hands as tools for learning. Bodhi integrates the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo to ensure that learning remains an organic process.

Address: C/O Rajiv Gandhi School, Devidayal Rd, Mulund West, Maharashtra 400080

Email: bodhividyalaya@gmail.com

Phone: 086929 00016

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